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Day 1 - The Fattening

How did I get here?

My story

So I went to Florida to hang out with my dad for a week. He's one of those people with the annoying ability to eat like a horse and stay thin. Despite being 82, he still has the same waist measurement he had the day my mom married him - 32". Until I was 30 I was very much like him. I was very active, stayed thin easily, and was seriously judgmental of people who gained weight.

Then my uncle Dan moved in.

Not literally, but metaphorically so. He was my mother's brother who I inherited a lot of traits from. I had his eyes, his sense of humor, his attitude... but not his build. He was a "husky" and scruffy man who built his own excavating business during the boom years in California. He worked hard, played hard - and ate hard. Shortly after I turned 30 I started looking a lot more like him. My slender-hipped days came to a screeching halt and I had to hit the weights hard almost every day to keep things in check.

Fast forward 20 years, a marriage, 6 kids, turning 50, and a demanding career that parked me in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day. By the time we get the last of our little clan to bed I'm pretty beat - and it shows. Over the last ten years I've put on 50 lbs that I'm not proud of. My six pack turned into a 2-liter surrounded by sleeves of cookies (Oreos are EVIL).

So, standing on the beach and fishing next to my dad was a real eye opener and a wake up call. Both my uncle Dan and my mother died of massive heart attacks. I can't let that happen to me because my littlest is just turning 2 and I intend to spend a lot of time playing with the grandchildren she will hopefully give me. After she's married... and stable... and has a house... "Do you hear me young lady?"

During this time my lovely wife has started to overcome her own lifelong challenges with weight and founded her own company to help others. Her talents in the kitchen now serve hundreds of people who use her meals to lose weight, stay healthy, and save time.

Now I will become her customer as well... and a guinea pig. For the next 90 days I will ONLY eat Mimi's Macros meals and other products. No cheating... ever. My only exception will be some creamer and sugar in my one cup of coffee in the morning (Don't judge me!). To keep this little experiment as accurate as possible I will NOT be adding a workout routine until day 91. We are going to demonstrate how much your life can be changed just by switching to our meals


Starting numbers - 10/18/2021:



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