What is Mimi's Macros?

We make affordable, healthy, gourmet meals for you and your loved ones

  • Always beautiful, flavorful, and delicious
  • Macro-balanced with an emphasis on high protein, low carbs, and low fat
  • Prepared by a Master Chef in a professional kitchen
  • Always fresh, not frozen
  • Made with organic produce and farm fresh eggs whenever possible

How does it work?

      • No Subscriptions
      • No minimums
      • Buy as much or as little as you want each week
      • Order by Wednesday at midnight and your meals are delivered Sunday* 

A quick note about quality...

You can eat our food with confidence because we do not purchase any ingredients until orders are closed on Wednesdays. We source on Thursday, prep on Friday, cook on Saturdays, and deliver your food on Sunday. 

You read that right...

You will never receive anything that was frozen or saved from a previous week. Your meals will always be fresh because we cook to order. Once they are made we keep all meals at exactly 39F overnight. It's the perfect temperature to preserve food without the risk of freeze damage.



Who is Chef Mimi?

Photo of Mimi in her professional kitchen

Early years

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Mimi was raised in a diverse community where food and how it was prepared was considered an important skill. She fell in love with it at an early age and began learning different techniques and recipes at every opportunity.


New York

In her teen years she attended a private school in Long Island and did everything she could to absorb the incredible food culture of the New York region. When she returned to Cleveland she began working in the restaurant industry and gained extensive experience with a variety of ethnic cuisines.


Picture of Sydney

Studying with the Masters

In 2003 she relocated to Cincinnati where she met her husband. Several years later they moved to Sydney Australia for his job and she found herself in one of the greatest gourmet cities in the world. It is also the home of many of the best culinary schools.

Mimi took advantage of this and studied for years with some of the world's greatest Chefs, including Alessandro PavoniMatt Moran, and Justin North. In 2011 Chef Pavoni did something he had never done before and personally recognizing her as an "extraordinary talent". Later she undertook an extensive epicurean tour of Australia and New Zealand. During that time she visited and learned at international award winning restaurants like Quay, Tetsuya'sAria and with experts in specific regions like the Margaret River Valley.


Returning home

After returning to the US, Mimi and her husband settled in Northern Kentucky, and in 2021 she began a personal journey towards better health. She was appalled at the state of the "healthy" food options that were available and began making her own gourmet, macro-balanced versions of popular meals.


Heeding her calling

Her meals drew a great deal of attention when she posted them on social media and she began receiving requests to prepare them for others. Initially, she only agreed to do it as a way to pay for her personal training. But within a month orders swelled to the point that she needed a centralized way to handle them. Her husband constructed mimismacros.com to make things easier. Shortly after that she relocated to a professional kitchen and the business was born.


Gordon Ramsay

Integrity in all things

Mimi is a firm believer in continuously improving (She holds a Six Sigma Black Belt), and so Mimi's Macros is a recognized Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Academy Member. This provides our staff with ongoing access to world famous Master Chefs like Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, Dominique Crenn, Micheal Twitty, Roy Choi, Madhur Jaffrey, Mashama Bailey, Niki Nakayama, Appolonia Poilane, Yotam Ottolenghi, Gabriela Camara, Mossimo Bottura, Aaron Franklin,. Alice Waters, and of course - Gordon Ramsay. 


The personal touch

Despite how the company has grown Mimi is devoted to keeping it personal. She hand inspects the ingredients we source and carefully oversees the meals that are prepared. Every culinary skill she has acquired over the years is applied to the food we create for you. You can be assured that she and her staff work diligently every week to give you the best possible experience.

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*We deliver to all of Northern Kentucky and most of Cincinnati. Please check here to verify delivery to your area.