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We are a small business with a simple mission.
We make delicious, healthy meals and deliver them right to your door every week.

Our Core Values

Quality Through Freshness

Unlike most Meal prep companies, we utilize a "cook to order" model. That means we wait until all orders are in for the week before we even order supplies. Those ingredients are delivered just before we start cooking, ensuring that your food is the freshest it can possibly be. We also ensure proper refrigeration of your meals from the moment the package is sealed, until the second it is delivered to your door.

Culinary Excellence

Mimi is always in the kitchen cooking and ensuring that every meal we make adheres to the highest possible standards. As a Master Chef, she does this by deploying the skills and knowledge she acquired working side by side with some of the greatest Chefs in the world. Nothing is frozen at any time, no machines are used, and every dish is carefully prepped, cooked, seasoned, and packaged by hand. 

A Focus on Your Health

Mimi founded the business as part of her own journey to lose weight and get in shape. She knew that making food that was as delicious as it was good for her would be a primary key to her success. So every meal is macro-nutrient balanced with a focus on higher protein, lower fat, and the lowest carbs possible. She utilizes locally grown and organic ingredients whenever she can and enforces portioning rules that are measured to the gram.

A Service Mindset

Our entire business is designed with you at the center. This is why we cook to order, use only the highest quality ingredients, hold ourselves to a standard of strict culinary excellence, and deliver directly to your home. This is also why we have no contracts, subscriptions, or ordering minimums. We want our customers to order from us because of how much they love our food and how it makes them feel, not because they're obligated. It is our mission to earn, and re-earn that privilege every week.


Who is Chef Mimi?

Mimi is a Master Chef whose culinary education has taken her from Cleveland, to New York, Australia, and New Zealand. Along the way she studied closely with world renowned Chefs like Alexandro Pavoni, Matt Moran, Justin North, and many others. She shares with them an obsession with quality, beauty, and flavor that she brings into the kitchen every week.

Mimi resides in Northern Kentucky with her husband and seven children. Every night they share a meal in the very kitchen where Mimi's Macros was founded.